About Us

Hello everyone! We would like to introduce you and welcome to the Great Sheffield Art Show! The Art Show is a fantastic annual art event in the heart of Sheffield, South Yorkshire. The exhibition hosts a diverse selection of over 2000 exhibits, including oil, watercolour, acrylic, pencil, pastel, digital and 3D pieces. Lately, we have had a lot of artists that made stunning pieces of art in 3D. This will be especially interesting to the 3D modelling community that grows within our center, but also in the surround areas.

The show has a unique large gallery showing 1400 exhibits submitted by local & regional artists who show and/or sell their art work, 30 professional artist & trade stands (for artists who make a living from their art work), workshops and other activities to make a great day out for art lovers of all ages.

While we have artists from all around the country, one of our largest communities comes from Sheffield. Whether you wish to view and buy art work or submit your own, put The Great Sheffield Art Show at the top of your event calendar in 2019, join our mailing list and we will remind you when the show is on! Click here to subscribe and join our mailing list.