Offline Promotion For Artists

Each artist today has a professional who advises him on promoting the art, whether it’s on social media or any other digital way. They present artists the list of dos and don’ts so the artists could launch themselves on the market, since the digital marketing has never been more important. However, the artists should not forget to promote themselves offline, as it is an another way to get more people to their website so they could create new business opportunities as well. So, we could say safely that offline marketing boosts art sales and helps in the artists’ branding and promotion. Below are simple offline suggestions that you should follow if you are into the art and you have just starting out.

Collateral materials

Each artist tries to promote his work and to direct all the interested people to his website so they could see his work. Still, beside the website, artists should us collateral materials like business cards, mailing labels, invoices and envelopes. Include your web site on these materials, your email address for example. Engage the social media profiles so the other people could visit your site and contact you for more information. Be creative!

Press releases

If you have a friend who works in press, try to ask him/her to do the interview with you. The press release is taken for seriously and people will see you often if you show up in the press. Plus, you can use the interview and upload it on your website, send it to art shows, awards and exhibition sales. Just make sure you edit the video nicely.

Do the columns and writing

Though this type of writing is usually not paid in terms of money that you receive for the articles you write, it can boost your popularity. Try to get your way into a local newspapers for example and write about the art. Become the professional who knows a lot about the art and shows its knowledge in this way. People will perceive you as the professional artists and once you show up you works, people will get you more seriously.

Organize the networking event

This is an excellent way for promotion as the local networking events will gather people who like art and therefore you are increasing chances for bumping into someone who needs a professional artist. People come here to meet and develop relationships with the professional artists. Does not cost you anything, but it can be of great help to attend such an event.

Publish a newsletter

Promote your skills through the message of your own and direct it to the target audience. Newsletters are cool since you give them directly to the professionals. You can give them at networking events, exhibitions, in shops and stores andmany more places where people gather. Cheap but effective promotion.