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The Upcoming Art Show

Richard Towers, as the organizer of this show, said that this gallery and event would secure a lot of benefits both to experienced and rookie artists to express their work and qualities. Besides, it is a huge chance to get connected with other professionals who need help of artists. Whether you work as in illustrator, a graphic designer or free artist, you will have a chance to meet and talk to professionals who have been into this industry for more than 30 years. The entrance if free for all, although there is a small charity fund that you can support, which will direct all the money collected to homeless and poor people.

Who will attend?

When it comes to visiting, Richard told us that many professional artists have confirmed the attendance. The guest list is huge and it is expected around 400 guests. Among 400 guests, there will be amateur artists, painters, even sculpture professionals. Among amateur ones, there will be also professional artists who have been involved into the art since they started walking. It means that the range of experience will range from low to maximum and that is your chance to talk to experienced professionals about the problems you have or doubts you cannot solve.

Also, a couple of these professionals will have their speeches but will also organize a workshop to educate young people. The participation is free, though all the money from sold pieces of art will be directed to the fund for helping poor and homeless people. The main idea of this gathering is to help people while artists hang out and exchange thoughts. At the same time, artists get valuable knowledge and experience while they do something good for a society. That is why Richard Towers said that this was a great chance to help each other and learn a lot.

Why should you attend?

The reason why you should attend this show, even if you are not that experienced, is that you will have a chance to talk to the professionals. You can learn a lot from these guys, without any fee as they say, plus you will see a lot of fantastic artwork. The show will host also a few guests of surprise to make things more fun and cool. At the moment, there is no information who that might be, but we will see. Also, you will get a chance to distribute your work if you find someone who likes what you are doing and producing. Just do not forget to buy your ticket in advance as you will not be able to attend it if you do not have a ticket with you.