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Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 has unfortunately meant a prolonged closure of our art-shows as most of you already know. The good news is that you will soon be able to visit our art-shows digitally and walk around just as you would in real life. We have made great strides with our IT partner to come up with a solution for virtual visits, which we are on the brink to launch. By combining the latest in IoT technology our M2M solutions partner have come up with a way to serve visitors using advanced camera systems combined with virtual reality. How soon you may ask? We hope to launch as soon as possible. Return visiters will be notified via e-mail!

What We Do

We want to help the artists to show their skills and work, as well as to connect them with other artists. Our goal is to offer artists a chance to present themselves. Also, young artists often want to talk to experienced colleagues and what better place to offer them than exhibition? We also help artists to sell their art without too much hassle, with the presence of some basic documentation.

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How We Do It

We have regular exhibits that we have been treating for the past 30+ years and that was actually our catapult to get to the clients from all over the world. Our regular clients from Brazil, China, the Netherlands, Germany and many other world-wide countries come to visit the exhibitions and potenlly by the art.

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Benefits For You

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